Sadistic Sisters
Q. What could be better than submitting to a superior lady financially, making sure her every whim and need is met, whilst she coldly laughs at your patheticness?

A. Submitting to two gorgeous superior ladies financially, who will make sure their every whim and need is met, whilst they cruelly, sadistically and heartlessly laugh together at your patheticness!
The following is by no means exhaustive, just a few ideas for you:
Shopping Trips
Imagine being dragged round the shops by us two gorgeous spoilt brats, making you pay and carry all their purchases, we may even humiliate you in front of the pretty sales girls!
Weekly, monthly or even daily, don’t forget it is double the trouble with us.
Consensual Blackmail
The problem with blackmail is that you don’t really think the lovely lady involved would really go through with the expose, but imagine it with us, we will be backing each other up, egging each other on, the danger with us is very real, but soft options like contract buyouts, limits etc… are available with negotiation (but only after the first payment)
Pay our bills
Even we get bills, but is that any reason for us to pay them when there are slaves like you out there to do it?
Girly Nights Out
Nope you are not invited, but you will be paying for our drink and food, whilst you sit at home with tap water and gruel!
We both have wish lists – be generous!
Mistress Tammie
Mistress Tammies Wish List
Miss Brook
Miss Brooks Wish List
We expect payment or gifts before any negotiation on financial domination, there are a lot of time wasters out there, and we can smell you from here!

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